Visualization and Mapping

Edward Tufte’s books and courses are industry standards for visualizing data.

Flowing Data is run by statistician Nathan Yau, author of Data Points: Visualization that Means Something and Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics. offers a directory of compelling infographics, how-to info, and more.

Your Friendly Guide to Colors in Data Visualisation  A 2018 blog post by Lisa Charlotte addressing color choice, including links to useful tools.

Esri offers a series of free online courses for those interested in mapping with ArcGIS.

Gustavo Faleiros created JEO, a WordPress theme for launching geodata-based sites. It allows news organizations, bloggers and NGOs to publish news stories as layers of information on digital maps.

Peter Aldhous put together a primer on using Excel’s free social network plugin, NodeXL.

The Data Visualisation Catalogue is an on-going project to “help you find the right data visualization method for your data”.

Data Viz Done Right, a blog that highlights data viz best practices around the web.

Visual Loop, a website that displays “the world’s best infographics and data visualizations.”

Helpmeviz aims to help people with everyday data visualizations, designed to facilitate discussion, debate, and collaboration from the data visualization community.

Here you can check out a list of visualization tools from IJAsia 2016.