News Data and Technology Sites

Data Blog, the Guardian’s blog on computer-assisted reporting

Nacion Data, Spanish-language data journalism blog of the Argentinian daily La Nación.

Online Journalism Blog, by the UK’s Paul Bradshaw, covers data journalism, citizen journalism, blogging, vlogging, and more.

Open Knowledge Foundation, from a “community of civic hackers, data wranglers and ordinary citizens intrigued and excited by the possibilities of combining technology and information for good.”

Computational Reporting, all about data mining., random thoughts on information visualization and data journalism.

Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia’s blog on how technology is changing journalism, its practice and its consumption.

FiveThirtyEight, a data-driven site founded by renowned statistician Nate Silver.

The Upshot, a data-driven site by The New York Times dedicated to politics, policy and economic analysis.

Washington Post Information Graphics, a collection of projects by the Post’s graphics team.

NPR Visuals Team, a collection of projects by NPR’s visuals team.

Source, a project of OpenNews that offers guides, tutorials and regular features by top data journalists.