Data Journalism: Training

Data Journalism, a series of training sessions from the Google News Initiative.

Getting started with data journalism, a video tutorial series by Alastair Otter on Media Hack (2017).

Code Academy offers a series of free interactive training on the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and PHP.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a series of free online courses in computer programming with Python, Java, and C++.

Michael Hartl publishes an open-source textbook on how to program with Ruby on Rails.

ProPublica practices data journalism, and teaches it. See videos of five of the lessons from ProPublica’s Data Institute: Introduction to CodeHow Websites WorkHTMLBasic CSS and CSS Classes. Also posted is a detailed outline of the curriculum for the Institute. ProPublica also sells data at its Data Store.

Online Journalism published an introduction to using QuickCode to obtain data from the web.

The Open Data Handbook discusses the legal, social and technical aspects of open data, with case studies and handy tips.

Codementor offers online tutorials for a fee data science techniques in programs such as Python and R.

Analytics Vidhya offers a tutorial to learn the basics of R programming for data science, which covers data analysis and data manipulation.

KDnuggets offers a wide variety of tutorials focusing on data mining, analytics and data science, including 3 Viable Ways to Extract Data from the Open Web4 lessons for Brilliant Data VisualisationMining Twitter Data with Python and Text Mining 101: Topic Modeling.