Data Journalism: Books

The Data Journalism Handbook is an international, collaborative effort involving dozens of data journalism experts. The free guide is available for download in Arabic, English, French, Georgian, Russian, and Spanish. (2009)

The Data Journalist, by Fred Vallance-Jones and David McKie (2017).

Data Journalism: Past, Present and Future, by Richard Lance Keeble, John Mair, Megan Lucero (2017)

Getting Started in Data Journalism is a manual published in 2018 by Lawrence Marzouk and Crina Boros of the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network in Albania, which aims to introduce journalists to data-driven reporting techniques that are essential to contemporary investigative journalism.

Getting Started with Data Journalism, by Claire Miller is subtitled, “Writing data stories in any size newsroom.”

Computer-Assisted Reporting: A Practical Guide, the E-version by Brant Houston (2014).

Finding Stories in Spreadsheets, by Paul Bradshaw  (updated 2016).

Mapping for Stories: A Computer-Assisted Reporting Guide, by Jennifer LaFleur, David Herzog and Charles Minshew (updated 2017).

Precision Journalism: a Reporter’s Introduction to Social Science Methods, by Philip Meyer (updated 2002 – but still a must-read for data journalists).

Scraping for Journalists (second edition), by Paul Bradshaw. This book introduces a range of scraping techniques.

Computer-Assisted Reporting: A Comprehensive Primer, by Fred Vallance-Jones and David McKie (2009).