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Crowdfunding is the process of convincing a large group of people to contribute small sums of money toward a specific project, usually via the Internet. It is helping redefine the fundraising landscape. Whether you’re interested in raising money for one story, your publication or broadcast, or founding a new organization, crowdfunding has become an alternative approach for financing the launch of new journalism projects. Today, there are hundreds of crowdfunding sites worldwide. They are growing quickly, and collectively these sites have raised billions of dollars for all kinds of projects, from tech start-ups to innovative new products.

Abraji’s Security Manual for Covering Street Protests

Covering street protests involves risks that every journalist should be prepared for. Knowledge, experience, and planning can help reduce these risks. Our colleagues at Abraji (The Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism) have particular experience with this — between May 2013 and May 2014, there were at least 171 cases of violations against media staff covering street protests in Brazil. 

To help journalists worldwide, Abraji has developed a guide, packed with tips and anecdotes from pros who have experienced risky incidents while covering protests. Here’s an excerpt, which Abraji has kindly granted GIJN permission to publish. You can access the full manual in English here, in Portuguese here, and in Spanish here.


Whistleblowers — insiders who expose corrupt or illegal activities — are an important source of information for journalists everywhere. From their position inside governments, companies, and other organizations, they can provide crucial leads, evidence, and sometimes “smoking guns” that expose everything from fraud and waste to criminal conspiracies and war crimes. It’s important for journalists to identify the motives of whistleblowers and to verify their information. Equally essential is knowing how to best protect them as sources. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of information on whistleblowing, including a growing number of NGOs with expertise around the world. To help journalists to navigate this challenging terrain, GIJN has created the following list of resources.