Tracking Ships at Sea

More than 90,000 commercial ships make up the world’s commercial fleet, their locations closely tracked and the resulting data available for free. GIJN has compiled a comprehensive list of resources to track ships (including big yachts and fishing boats). It’s possible to learn where ships came from and where they are going in near real time. Also, you can research ship owners, get information about the ships and see pictures of them. Tools also exist to follow the movements of the cargo containers they carry.

Migration Reporting: Sources, Guidelines, Contests

With an estimated 257 million migrants in the world, migration has emerged as one of the most contentious national and international issues. GIJN has gathered resources on this topic, including:

Useful sources of factual information
Reporting guidelines and media criticism
Information on journalism prizes (and the winners) concerning migration
Examples of recent and varied stories

See also GIJN’s resource page on human trafficking. And a GIJN guide to reporting on human trafficking in the Arab Gulf states.